Pay-Per-Click Advertising

MAXVisibility creates and implements online pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns using text, images, contextual display ads, or videos. We manage customer accounts and perform tracking, analysis and adjustments to ensure profitable online presence for clients. These advertising campaigns are based on Google AdWords and Microsoft Bing Ads platforms, as well as offerings by Facebook PPC.

Use our True Demographic Targeting Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising service to immediately start driving qualified traffic to your site and convert visitors into customers! We will reach exactly the people you want with ads that are targeted by keyword, age, location, interest and more.

Keyword List Generation

We identify the keywords that customers use to find your products and services online, as well as apply ideas for terms still untapped by competitors.


Creative Copywriting

Our Search Engine Marketing experts will write highly targeted ads that are both compelling to visitors and meet search engine specifications.


Campaign Organization

We roll up keywords by attribute, theme, subject and product line, to track individual keyword performance and campaign trends. By grouping elements into thematic “buckets,” we manage ad performance and adjust campaign to produce greatest return on clients’ investment.


Bid Management

Our PPC bid management process is integrated with search engine analytics to create campaigns that maximize our clients’ return on investment.


Tracking and Reporting

We combine technology and human insight to provide complete analysis with customized reports, complete real-time online transparency through read-only access.

PPC Lead Generation Campaign


Pay Per Click Audit

As an option, account audits include a complete account review using live web conference call with a Max-Visibility Marketing Specialist.

Audits are designed to be an educational experience. We will explain why we make certain changes, discuss reports, charts, and optimization techniques used to achieve the best possible return on investment. You are welcome to ask questions along the way. Usually the following items are covered: Account Structure, Tracking, Keywords, Ad Copy, Landing Pages, Extensions, Strategy, and ROI.

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