PPC Budget & Pricing

Targeted PPC Advertising with multiple Google Ad campaign types, target groups, audience signals, Smart ads, geo targets, lead conversion tracking, etc.

Managed Services Pricing

We offer managed services to new Pay Per Click advertisers, and we’ve got the insights and expertise to improve advertising results for those who are already running Google ad campaigns.

When it comes to your online marketing budget, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. The cost of online marketing can vary based on a number of factors, such as your objectives, geographic area, type of business, and media mix.


We Know What Works

Optimizing PPC campaign wiil boost your organization’s lead generation results, allowing more potential customers to view website content.

Tracking your company’s advertisement expenditures on a day-to-day basis will allow us to continuously provide optimal ROI. It’s important to ensure ads generate enough egagements to match the amount of money is being spend on each PPC campaign.

Marginal Fee Example:
If Spend amount for a given month was $13,200 for Google ads, the associated fee will be calculated as: $1,180 + ($13,200 – $8,000) x 9.0% = $1,648

    PPC Lead Generation

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    Target All The Right Customers

    We’ll make advertising campaigns profitable for your organization. Ads will be designed to attract and direct visitors to your website when they’re searching for services relevant to your offerings.

    Ads will be designed to attract specific online audience or by topic categories. Ads may appear in Google search results, content sites, in apps and videos. It may be targeted geographically to include local, national, and international locations.

    Analyze & Increase Traffic and Conversions

    We roll up our sleeves and repeatedly work diligently refining campaign’s performance to achieve maximum ROI. Our PPC optimization service includes Google experiments, refining bids, re-allicating budgets, rewriting ads, etc,… for both Google Ads campaigns and landing page inprovements.

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